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Source: Semiconductor Lead Editor: Shanghai Xianyi Electronic Components Co., LTD Published time: 2018-05-19

The 4th China Smart Home Expo (2018 China Smart Home Expo) was co-hosted by Shenzhen Smart Home Association and Sireda Media,Shenzhen (International) Integrated Circuit Technology Innovation and Application (2018 China IC Expo),CICE2018 for short)。The exhibition will last for three days, and various wonderful forums will be staged continuously during the same period。

On the first day of the exhibition, "2018 Smart Family Summit Forum" attracted a large number of visitors, and the scene was packed early in the morning。The forum invited a number of smart home industry enterprises, including Country Garden, TCL, Huawei OpenLife, Shenzhen Unicom, Beijing Xinchang Technology, BroadLink and Relaxed Home, to participate in the discussion,Guangzhou Smart City Development promotion Association and Shenzhen Smart Security Chamber of Commerce came to help,Lots of highlights,Let's take stock first。

Leadership speech

Photo: Mr. Li Jianhua, executive President of Guangzhou Smart City Development Promotion Association, delivers a speech。

Wisdom involves intelligent automatic, automatic data storage, it should be said that around smart home is talking about data, digital China。

Mobile phones are very good information terminals, and so is the gateway. Below these terminals are families. Now more and more industrial applications are widely used in ordinary families, I hope that next time I can hold a smart family forum in Guangzhou to gather these industrial discussions。

Photo: CAI Jinjiang, president of Shenzhen Smart Family Association, delivers a speech

In 2018, with the efforts of real estate, property management, home decoration, apartment, community, smart family association platform and hardware manufacturing, the smart family industry has been firmly rooted。A new industry was born in China, leading the world。

Photo: Vice President of Shenzhen Smart Security Chamber of Commerce ju Wenhan delivers a speech

Major enterprises should pay attention to security issues when designing smart scene schemes. The implementation of smart security can help improve the experience of smart families。

Fan Xuanping, General manager of Country Garden Industrial City Division

Technology town is the integration of industry and city
Country Garden used to be a traditional real estate developer, but it is no longer a traditional real estate developer. It now sees itself as a participant in China's new urban process and a global green, ecological and smart city builder。

The Techtown project is an industry-city integration project,It's not just a simple real estate project,Country Garden's technology Town project is opening up application space in all fields,Build a world-class ecosystem of smart science and technology innovation,Now there are numerous intelligent household companies to participate in them,In the future, Country Garden will carry out more cooperation methods like this。

TCL intelligence lives in general manager Shao Huairong

Home appliance enterprises to create "smart life products and Services"
The tide of digital economy has come, industry giants have begun to layout smart families, such as Alibaba, Samsung, Foxconn, Huawei and so on。Smart home does not belong to the category of basic technologies, but value-added services based on basic technologies (Internet of Things/cloud computing/big data/artificial intelligence, etc.)。Home appliance enterprises need to break the tradition, create new products, new businesses, new channels, new models and new technologies, and make good plans and platforms, so as to create "smart life products and services".

Huawei OpenLife Overall solution Jiang Peng

Provide a dialogue channel for each cooperation node
The landing of smart home appliances will not follow the previous to C mode, but more likely cooperate with smart home decoration and smart real estate enterprises to explore a new landing channel, so its business model will change。

By opening up the capabilities of Huawei OpenLife, we can build an interconnected platform where more devices can talk and merge into a new system to provide services for different scenarios。

Liang Yu, CEO of Xinhechuang: To create excellent intelligent space products and solutions

Smart home after rising, falling, now up again, the industry began to really enter the outbreak period, BAT, Huawei and other giants began to layout, more enterprises come in。

Market outbreak, points eater is too much, to the old smart home enterprise is a blessing or a curse?一是市场足够大,可以从智能家居延伸到智慧办公、智慧酒店、智慧公寓、智慧校园等领域;二是市场教育会更好,企业教育市场的成本和难度降低;三是大家都在布局主航道的事;四是需要优化商业模式。

To this end, smart home enterprises need to build core products and equipment and turnkey solutions by themselves, and cooperate with third-party equipment to deepen the industry segmentation (scene and user experience), so as to create excellent smart space products and solutions, continue to create value for customers and improve user experience。

Ma Yiwei, BUSINESS Development Director, OCF Alliance SURE: Connecting devices in a software way
There is a big contradiction in the Internet of things. If you rely on monopoly, the devices will not be connected to each other, and users will not use the devices if they have poor experience。

The Internet of Things market is troubled by different product agreements. If there is no one brand, one software and one alliance to solve the interoperability between products, it will not be easy to promote the Internet of Things products。

The OCF alliance connects smart products with different standard protocols at the software level, and currently has 35 million users worldwide。

Shenzhen Unicom Home Internet Center Deputy General manager Liu Hongjin smart home is breaking space restrictions
A smart home is not just a stack of smart hardware, nor a simple remote control。It's about breaking out of space, not being constrained by physical locations like work or going out。

The elements of smart family include continuous service, quality experience of life scenes, interaction between things and things, and interaction between things and people。

From the industrial chain, operators are the bridge connecting equipment manufacturers and users。


CAI Jinjiang, president of Shenzhen Smart Family Association: China's family industry has begun to pass the inflection point and accelerate upward。

Practice has proved that the mode of smart hardware alone is not feasible. The smart home industry is an ecological industry, which requires the cooperation of multiple enterprises and manufacturers in different links. In order to achieve this effect, the smart home has been going for five years, and the trend of its implementation can finally be seen in 2018。

The future used to be based on their own efforts, but now it is companies that understand ecology and cooperate with different companies that have a future。

Founder of Beijing Xinchang Technology Co., LTD&Founder Wang Yanmin: intelligent household and automobile cross bound link times arrived
Automobile presents four new characteristics: electric, intelligent, network, sharing。

There are two basic features of the new automobile era. One is that the advantages of automobile products in the industrial chain are transferred to the disadvantages of the ecological chain, and the right of premium is lost。To do this, cars need to move from "industry within industry" to "platform within platform"。Second, from "closed supply chain" to "open value ecosystem"。

The trend of the new automobile era, the boundaries of the automobile industry are expanding, and new species will constantly be born。To this end, China's first automotive crossover innovation training camp has emerged, which is open to all subjects of the automotive internal and external ecosphere with diverse and complementary backgrounds。The training camp integrates China's top innovative academic circle, automotive industry circle, investment circle and new technology teachers circle。

Wu Yongqing, Director of Operation and Accommodation: The significance of future hotel + wisdom will go beyond the traditional hotel accommodation
The cost of traditional hotels continues to rise, whether it is hotel rent or staff cost, which is increasing at a rate of more than 10% every year。With OTAs or other platforms that are more vertical and open, it's hard for hotel rates to go up。

The intelligent transformation of the hotel can provide the hotel customers with a good accommodation experience, but also create a new scene space, adding value to the hotel accommodation。

Li Fagan, head of Xiaoqi Technology: Audio and video transmission enables intelligent office work
Audio and video upgrade intelligent office to intelligent office, making office interaction more vivid。Through intelligent multimedia exhibition hall, visitor management system, authentication system, welcome system, video office experience system, face recognition attendance system, video recognition positioning system, background music system, video health center system, etc。

Take visitor management system as an example, through face recognition, visitors can be guided by route。Face recognition positioning system, can locate personnel activities, valuables dynamic。Video health center system. During work, you can connect to the nearby health center. The camera can scan the blood vessels in the face of employees, calculate the body temperature and heart rate, and timely understand the health status of employees。

Hui Rui tong Intelligent Internet general manager Chen Qunsheng: front installation is the best way to land smart home products
The use of smart home products is a threshold, not can be used to use, so smart home really in the words of the ground, including really good words, is actually in front of the installation。

Stability is the most important in smart home products, face recognition technology can provide a good solution for stable products。

The real estate market is the intelligent upgrading of residential buildings, which will promote the rise of the smart home decoration industry. After the rise of the smart home decoration industry, it will drive more new business models。

Xi Qiao, Assistant general Manager of Green Cloud Technology Co., LTD. : Using technology to reconstruct the ecological value of hotels
Hotel business ecology is mainly divided into three levels: basic business layer (PMS, Group, LPS, CRM, CRS, etc.), data platform layer (service interconnection, oHotel, iServer), and application business layer (website, wechat, e-commerce platform, etc.).。

As a PMS manufacturer, in the previous hotel management, we mainly promoted the hotel operation through technology。Now, we are mainly using technology to reconstruct the ecological value of the hotel and open up PMS, data platform and e-commerce platform。

Lin Zhenhui, General Manager of BroadLink Smart Real Estate Division, South China: How does AI penetrate into smart real estate
Language is the most direct way for human beings to communicate. It has a low threshold and can be used by both adults and children. There are various forms of products with voice as a characteristic control entrance, which can be used as the entrance of control end products in the future。
Residential products for real estate provide solutions, mainly for some practical needs, mainly including 4 parts, the first part is lighting, the second part is series, the third part is air and air conditioning, the fourth part is safety。

Sun Jian, vice president of Easy Home: intelligent hardware is the starting point, the follow-up service is the protagonist
With smart service management system and Internet management mode, it provides enterprises and home users with installation, maintenance and repair services for home products, covering the first and second tier cities in China。

On the one hand, to provide enterprises with household product sales channels。For smart home appliance enterprises, there is no need to set up a special after-sales service department, thus greatly reducing the cost of promoting smart home appliance enterprises。
On the other hand, to provide users with professional product after-sales experience。Home users installation and maintenance of household appliances, no need to find individual small business, and a professional maintenance engineer team。

In the future, intelligent hardware is the starting point, and follow-up services are the leading role。

At the end of all the speakers' speeches, Zhou Shanyu, president of Shenzhen Smart Family Association, awarded "Smart Family Industry Ecological Contribution Award" to enterprises with outstanding contributions in smart family ecology.。
CSHE2018& CICE2018 is an amazing event that lasts for three days (5.17—5.19)!18日还将有“智慧云锁产业落地高峰论坛”、“物联网The embedded技术生态高峰论坛”两大同期活动精彩上演,还等什么,快来参加吧!

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